A Common Evolutionary Basis for Cell Death Pathways in Animals, Plants and Fungi

21. listopadu 2013 | Mendel Lectures

Začátek v 17:00 v Mendelově muzeu. 

Vstup zdarma. Jazyk přednášky angličtina.

Speaker: Kay Hofmann, University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany
2012- Full Professor, Institute for Genetics, University of Cologne. His group is trying to address the gene/protein function problem by both bioinformatical and experimental methods. The bioinformatical branch of the group uses computational methods to discover new domain types or to detect new instances of known domains in poorly characterized proteins. The experimental branch of the group will generate some of the data sources necessary for a successful protein functional prediction, one example being a domain-domain interaction map of major model organisms. In addition, the group will complement the bioinformatical screens for protein functions by suitable experimental screens and validate some of the bioinformatical findings.