THe Old Abbey Brno Museum


Dear visitors,

we are happy to announce the opening of Museum of Augustinian Abbey. The new exhibition in the Old Brno Augustinian Abbey presents the monastery’s well-nigh seven-hundred-year history....

23.-24.1.2017 museum is closed


Dear visitors,

Mendel museum will be closed from 23.1.-24.1.2018 due to technical reasons.

Thank you for your understanding

Mendel K(now)s


Mendel Nose

Festival dedicated to G.J. Mendel (21.-23.7. 2017)

Gregor J. Mendel had versatile interests acorss various sectors, he was a man with a large amount of knowledge and skills. Mendel connected...



Dear visitors,

The 23rd of July we had ceremonically opened our new exhibition "Gregor Johann Mendel - the story of a humble genius."
This exhibition will show you father of genetics in a...

Closing of the exhibition


We're really sorry, but whole exhibition of the Mendel museum'll be closed until 23rd of July. The new permanent exhibition of the Mendel museum'll be solemnly opened on the 23rd of July at 13pm. You're...