New project of Mendel Museum PAS (Paleoart – Art and Science)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mendel Museum has joined together with five artists and they have founded together an association that wants to promote scientific drawing, painting and modeling.  This cooperation highlights the importance of connecting science and art not only for purposes of the academic community, but also for general public. The artists involved are: Jaroslav Bažant, Pavel Dvorský, Petr Modlitba, Jiří Svoboda a Jiří Teichmann.


- Popularization of scientific work to the public through  art

- Creating opportunities for the presentation of artists involved in the world of scientific reconstructions through meetings and workshops

- Creation of a database representing samples of the work of each of the authors in their individual style

- Promotion of work of Zdeněk Burian through joint actions of the project



Zdeněk Burian:

“Let the aging painter to express his concern about the future of our beautiful nature. I have always loved nature and the drama of its development always fascinated me. Let us appreciate nature and please do everything we can to preserve it for future generations to the greatest extent possible.”


Jiří Hochman, grandson of Zdeněk Burian:

“Man owes his existence to a disaster and this “programme” corresponds to the deteriorating state of our original and yet even the current environment in all its forms: on land, in water and in the air. Let us resist our self-destructive behavior!... And fulfill the motto of art and desire of aging painter of life on the blue planet and his successors.”