doc. RTDr. Vítězslav Orel, CSc. passed away

Friday, August 21, 2015

With great sadness we announce that on 13.8. passed away the biggest expert on Mendel´s works in postwar history doc. RTDr. Vítězslav Orel, CSc. (29th May 1926 Lískovec u Koryčan - † 13th August 2015 in Brno) - co-founder of Mendelianum MZM and longtime promoter of Mendel work.

Encyclopedia of Brno states - In the years 1966-1995 V. Orel was editor of historical studies in Folia Mendeliana, issued by the Moravian Museum. In collaboration with researchers at home and abroad there was published 204 studies clarifying the role of Gregor Mendel in the formation and development of genetics. For 46 of them were V. Orel author or co-author.

Most of his works were published abroad, his latest books are considered essential literature on the history of genetics. They were published in the prestigious Oxford University Press. Of the more than three hundred of Orel´s publications are about 200 focused on Mendel's research and related the history of science, over 80 dedicated to poultry breeding and development of the poultry industry, including ensuring the health of poultry.