Quotations rules

Standard citation ČSN ISO 690 is used.
All remarks and notes should be written footnotes.
Names of titles should be mentioned in the original language.


1. Monograph (book)

SMITH, Peter. Museum exhibition. City: Publisher, 2004, p. 20.

SMITH, Peter and Carl OLDMAN. Museum exhibition. City: Publisher, 2004, p. 20-25.

2. Article in periodical

SMITH, Peter. Museum exhibition. Museum Journal. 2005, vol. 10, iss. 3, p. 20-25.

3. Article in anthology, contribution in monograph

SMITH, Peter. Museums for free?. In: K. Cooper. London, 2002, p. 123-145. Open museums for our hearts.

4. Archival material

Full quotation:Národní archiv [National Archives] (hereinafter NA), Muzejní výbory [The Museum Boards] (hereinafter MB), 1920-1925, Inv. No. 768, Sg. 1/234, box 97.

Short quatation:NA, MB, 1920-1925, Sg. 768, 1/234, box 97.

5. Library manuscript

Full quotation: Národní knihovna ČR [National Library of the Czech Republic] (hereinafter NK ČR), MS XVI.C.28.

Short quotation: NK ČR, MS IX.J.33.

6. Electronic source

Columbia university web museum project. PRICE, Mike. [online]. [cit. 2013-11-28]. Available on: <http://www.tc.columbia.edu/a&h/ArtEd/index.asp?Id=Outreach+Projects&Info=Museums+in++Education>.