Mendel's legacy - 150 years of the genius of genetics

In 2015 we are commemorating 150 years since Mendel's lectures, which he presented on the 8th of February and March 1865. He presented, for the first time, the results of his research into breeding peas and other plants that he had been performing for a number of years in the gardens of the Augustinian monastery in Old Brno at a meeting of the Natural Science Society in Brno. His perceptive observational talent and use of mathematics stood behind the defining of three principles, often referred to as Mendel's principles of heredity.

Mendel Museum has decided to celebrate this important anniversary with exhibitions and conferences with the great support of many Czech and foreign partners. Please observe the more detailed information in the individual sections.

Perhaps you will also find an event through which you can commemorate the genius and greatness of Gregor Johann Mendel.

The celebrations were supported by: doc. PhDr. Mikuláš Bek, Ph.D. - rector of Masaryk University

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