How Mendel’s bees hid before a storm

Programme information

Programme duration: 60 min.
Target group: pre-school, Years 1–5 of primary school
Maximum number of children in a group: 20
Price: CZK 40 per pupil, free entry for accompanying teacher
Czech curriculum allocation: Man and His World

A secondary programme will present pupils with two fascinating disciplines that Mendel was also interested in – beekeeping and meteorology.

Pupils will visit the Mendel Museum, explore Mendel’s apiary, and actively learn about the workings of a beehive. They will discover the instruments used in meteorology. They will hear about how people predicted the weather in the past and will try to create a tornado.

(The contents of the programme may differ depending on the weather.)

Programme booking

Programme can be booked either by e-mail or by phone +420 770 134 638

Please provide the date, the number of children, the school address and the contact person.