Collection of Masaryk University

Sub-collections administered by the Mendel Museum of MU

Collections have always been an integral part of university education. The illustrative displays aid in teaching across the spectrum of disciplines, and years of collecting them have produced extensive and often unique collections of teaching aids. This is no different at Masaryk University. However, Masaryk University has one specific feature that distinguishes it from other universities in the Czech Republic in the area of collections. It has the only all-university museum in the Czech Republic - the Mendel Museum of MU.

The Masaryk University collection and its sub-collections are registered in the Central Registry of Collections and its records are kept electronically in the MUSEION system.

Sub-collections are taken care of by expert guarantors at their departments, who are mainly responsible for:

  • entry of existing collection items into the electronic register
  • receiving new arrivals and processing them
  • marking items with the appropriate accession and inventory numbers
  • overseeing the preservation and condition of collection objects
  • presentation of the collections

The Mendel Museum of MU is responsible for the supervision and administration of the university sub-collections, i.e.:

  • controlling the activities of expert curators (entries in the electronic register)
  • has a general overview of the preservation and handling of the collections
  • prepares the documents for the entry of accession numbers in the Central Registry of Collections
  • maintains paper accession books for individual collections
  • prints and distributes record cards to the professional guarantors
  • arranges training for professional curators in the field of collections management

If you are interested in borrowing, expert advice, or other information about individual sub-collections, please contact the expert guarantors.

The Mendel Museum MU is not only looking after the legacy of G. J. Mendel's legacy, but also manages the four university sub-collections:

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